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Words. Words make the world go ’round. Especially words set to carefully instrumented noises. We traditionally call this music.

The art of song writing. Storytelling in one of the most distilled ways of communicating a human emotion.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with the glorious establishment of Secondlife.

Through Secondlife we are introduced to all different kinds of new things. People we may not have gotten to know in our “real” lives. Clothing and fashion we may not have decided to wear in “real” life. Doing things we are unable or wouldnt dream of doing in “real” life.

So, let’s take it a whole step further. I’m proposing a small grid wide hunt. A hunt that will not only introduce us to new stores, or new people but new songs. New distilled expressions of ourselves and our emotion.

The Song Lyric Hunt.

If you decide to participate you will create an item inspired by a song lyric. It can contain the lyric in it’s design, it can simply express what the lyric conveys to you, or it can just sort of showcase the mood of the song.
You will also need to make a notecard that will go in your hunt item with a link for someone to find a sample of the song (so they can listen to it!) as well as the artist, song title, and AT LEAST the line you’ve chosen to use. (I’d prefer the entire correct lyrics… but hey!)

Here’s the application:

Store Name:
Type of Store:
Store Landmark:
Song Choices:
(Just incase we get a million different people wanting to do “Bad Romance” things…. Submissions will be evaluated and approved in order of receipt! Ie. If you send in songs A, B, and C, you’ll likely be fine to go with song A. However if someone before you submitted the list of songs A, G, and T… well, You’d be contacted and asked to do something for song B.)

Return the application to Evangeline Schism, preferably with the title “Song Lyric Hunt – Your name here”

I havent decided how many stores will be involved. I’m thinking maybe 50. Application deadline will be 05/01/10


One Comment

  1. Hi – nice idea of a hunt theme – when are you planing on holding the hunt? I only read application deadline may 15th.
    So I am assuming June1st?!?!

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