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The Song Lyric Hunt is still going! I’ve gone through, labeled the hints, and hopefully corrected all the errors. (7-3-10)

You’re looking for a blue musical note with staff lines through it, semi-transparent.

1. Schismphrenic –  I’d be crucified for my taste in music. *Make sure to teleport DOWN*

2. U-Neek – What a nice little alcove to enjoy some music in.

3.  SteamboundWhen I get to the top….

4.  Identity – You might find one of these in your wallet.

5.  Baffle! – More than one kind of ROCK.

6. Doo Dads – If at first you don’t succeed… leave, then come back. Then leave again.

7.  Nothing – Follow the notes, through the little door. . . until the path continues no more.
In the ruins you will find . .   ME!!

8. – Heroines:   I wanna rock…why not asking this sexy girl? She seems to be musical..

– Heroes:     Ah well, while i´m already here why not grab some of that and get high…

9. Insatiable Designs –  Looking under this dress might make you want to do more than just start a revolution.

10. Sweet Little Mystery – “There’s a thousand faces all shining bright and those golden faces are under 25.
They wanna say, they gonna tell ya about the young idea
You better listen now you’ve said your bit-a”



13. Milestone Creations – This is a musical cat! (The teleporter might help.)

14.  Darkerside – Music in the “High” “Wind”.

15. Willow – I’m under here!

16. 22769 – Casual Couture – Music for your eyes.

17.  Hate This – Across from and above a certain underwater university’s tee shirt.

18.  Tea Lane – What an “Unusual” place to hide it.

19. Secret BoudoirNo hint 😦

20. Weird Designs – Blackbirds and memories in this old house…

21. Goth1co – No hint 😦

22. III –  In the entrance.

23. OrquideaDont put my love on a shelf

24. TarnishedOMG SHOES.

25. LnL Designs – Make sure to click the red “I” by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

26. Dark Desires Tattoos – Maybe you’d like something a little more… “Real”.

27. Nushru – Music makes a great accessory.

28. Soap Co.– Last night a”DJ” saved my life.

29. Simply Beau – They say the best music’s in the back.

30. Fire Good!!! – Look for the rainbow spaceship.

31. Lemania Indigo Designs – Models love music.

32. Famish – This gift is so cool, it requires refrigeration. (This location might be unavailable… so the SLURL to the next link is still available)

33. Dead Bunnydoo DEE doo DEE doo?

34. Wicked Inc. – “Satyrs play beautiful music in the forest.”

35. **PTY^** Ponte FashionNo Hint 😦

36.  Actchio – Singing in the Rain!

37. Hanamachi – Among the flowers.


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